Venkat Rao @venkatrao

iOS Developer. Mechanical Engineer. Entrepreneur. Learner.

Hello, welcome to my website. I have created it as showcase for my previous work and projects. You can also find info to contact me below. And it is suppose to be a replacement for my résumé if you are looking for a freelancer.

I am an iOS developer who wants to work on challenging, compelling, relevant apps. I enjoy work either that pushes the bounds of technology or completely rethinks crummy user interfaces of current apps.

I began developing in Java when I was in high school. Then I moved on to write apps in ASP.NET, C#, python and now Objective-C.

I am currently working on my own app. But I would love to do some freelance work on your project. I can guide your product from initial idea to app store submission. I can fill in where needed and step away where you have the expertise.

My iOS Apps

Own It!

An app that helps you choose what to wear today, pick what you might like to buy and also tracks everything in your closet!

The Big Clock

A clock app to see time from the farthest distance. And allows you to use the whole screen as a snooze button, instead of search for it. Get it here .

Work Experience

The Gleason Works

Designed tooling for gear manufacturing machines. Wrote PLC Ladder Logic to automate machine functionality.

Design by Analysis

Prototyped a pressure control control for a cogeneraton engine.

Morgan Stanley

Designed a search engine to quickly connect prime brokers with customer data. The front end was written in C# and the backend used Java.

Merril Lynch

Built an web app that created reports in excel for internal auditors.


Unmanned Underwater Vehicle(UUV)

For senior design project my team built an UUV. I was personally involved with managing the project, designing the control system and the outer hull.

The Big Clock Site

I used Google App Engine to host the marketing/support site for The Big Clock. Prospective buyers can view it's functionality. Current users can request new features and submit bugs they find.

This Site

I built this site to be responsive. This allows the site to resize itself based on screen size.



Machine Learning, Operations Management


Circuits & Electronics


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Master of Engineering, Systems Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering with Honor, Mechanical Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship

Engineer in Training, NY State


Objective-C ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Cocoa Touch ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
C ★ ★★ ★

Facebook Graph API ★ ★ ★
Python ★ ★ ★
CSS/Javascript/jQuery ★ ★ ★

Matlab ★ ★ ★★
Machine Learning ★ ★ ★

CAD Modelling ★ ★ ★★
Dynamics ★ ★ ★★
Control Systems ★ ★ ★

Circuit Design ★ ★

Find me Here

Email: vrao423 at gmail dot com

Phone: 917 628 5838

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